About Us

Mission Statement

Sudbury Charities Fund is focused on fundraising in support of underprivileged youth in the Sudbury District.  Our mission is to work with local partners to provide opportunities to children that would otherwise be unavailable. We do so through investment of donations in programming and capital expenses in our community.


The Sudbury Charities Foundation (SCF) was incorporated on October 26, 1994 by a group of local businessmen looking to leverage their position in the community to raise funds for local charities struggling to help our underprivileged youth. The working board at SCF operates without regular staff ensuring the most of every dollar raised is put back into the community.

The Foundation has historically operated two major annual fundraisers, the Festival of Lights hosted at Science North and the Men’s Annual Gourmet Dinner.  Recently the board has added the Golf 4 Hope event.  These three events have combined to raise over $215,000 annually.

The Foundation’s success has resulted in nearly $250,000 distributed to partners locally in 2022-2023 for the benefit of local underprivileged youth. The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation “Send A Kid To Camp” program has been the largest beneficiary, receiving in excess of $60,000 in 2023 alone. These funds have sent over 5,600 children to camp since 1984! Other organizations supported by the Foundation include the following: 

  • Ten Rainbows Foundation 
  • Childhood Enfance 
  • The Salvation Army 
  • Sudbury Food Bank 
  • Infant Food Bank
  • Miles Against Cancer
  • Inner City Homes of Sudbury
  • NEO Kids Foundation 
  • Our Children Our Future  
  • Better Beginnings

Board Members

Mathieu Ansell – President
Claude Charbonneau – Secretary/Past President
Sean Spencer – Treasurer
Alex Baboulas
Dustin Bradley
Blake Didone
Brian Doyle
Beau Frescura
Rick Giommi
Justin Lemieux
Steve McNeil
Ryan Nesci
John Querney
Tyler Stott